Books and Tools

IEC Recommended Texts

Delmar's Standard Textbook of Electricity (3E)
Mastering the theory and application of electrical concepts is necessary for a successful career in the electrical installation or industrial maintenance fields, and this newly revised, full color text delivers! Delmar's Standard Textbook of Electricity, 3E trains aspiring electricians by blending concepts relating to electrical theory with practical 'how to' information that prepares students for situations commonly encountered on the job. Topics span the major aspects of the electrical field including atomic structure and basic electricity, direct and alternating current, basic circuit theory, three-phase circuits, single phase, transformers, generators, and motors. This revision retains all the hallmarks of our market-leading second edition, but displays enhancements such as new up-to-date photos, bonus learning features to advance student retention, and a new e.resource for instructors that takes the guesswork out of classroom preparation.

Electrical Principles and Practices (2E)

Electrical Wiring Residential (15E)
The Fifteenth Edition of this trusted resource is completely updated to the 2005 National Electrical Code®, and provides aspiring electricians the necessary foundation for learning all aspects of house wiring in order to "meet Code." The most comprehensive book of its kind on the market, Electrical Wiring Residential walks readers, room by room, through the proper wiring of a typical new residence, and features a complete set of full size plans and specifications that shows how Code requirements are applied throughout actual installations. This book explains and follows the NECŪ using the metric system, and presents an ample quantity of electrical formulas that electricians need to know to be successful and competent on-the-job.

Illustrated Guide to the NEC (3E)
Over the years, the National Electrical Code® has grown in volume and complexity. This updated edition utilizes visualization to present a complete, concise, and easy-to-understand exploration of the 2005 Edition of the NEC®. Each highly-detailed illustration offers insight into Code requirements and is enhanced by clearly written text blocks that read quickly and with little effort. Includes coverage of fundamental provisions, followed by Code requirements relevant to specific types of occupancies. Intended as an indispensable supplement to the NEC®, this book translates the sometimes vague and complex language of the Code into clearer, cleaner, and simpler terms.

Practical Problems in Mathematics for Electricians (7E)
Now in its seventh edition, Practical Problems in Mathematics for Electricians contains 45 instructional units featuring updated materials, examples, and expanded mathematical operations for students and trainees of the electrical trade. Coverage begins with simple addition and subtraction of whole numbers and progresses through basic algebra and trigonometry, developing readers? awareness of electrical symbols, basic circuits, component terminology, and calculator use for success on the job. Word problems designed to encourage the use of logical deduction are just one of the hallmarks of this tried and true guidebook that provides the mathematical background students need to succeed in the electrical field. Explanations at the beginning of each unit foster a better understanding of the concepts being presented; while problems related to electricity help develop an appreciation for electrical terms and practices.

Illustrated Dictionary for Electrical Workers (2E)
When you want to know the fine points of a reamer and a receptacle, an electrical workers' dictionary is your best bet. And an illustrated dictionary is better yet, because if you have to ask what a relay circuit is, it's best to see a diagram of the thing to go along with the definition. John Traister's Illustrated Dictionary for Electrical Workerscontains some 200 illustrations and more than 3,000 definitions from AA (Aluminum Association) to Zonal Cavity Method. Geared toward students, apprentice electricians, and electrical designers, Traister defines standard terms used in electrical construction projects across the country.

Electrical Systems

Alternating Current Fundamentals (6E)
This comprehensive book on AC theories and applications has been revised and updated to contain the latest in alternating current applications. Features: -additional examples of basic AC circuits have been added to offer more real-world applications to relate theory -expanded review questions monitor progress -organization of book builds knowledge of AC by starting with basic principles and progressing to more difficult concepts.

Electrical Motor Controls for Integrated Systems (3E)

Electrical Motor Controls for Integrated Systems Workbook (3E)

Electrical Grounding and Bonding
Written in accordance with the 2005 National Electrical Code®, this new book provides readers with a comprehensive introduction to the essential elements of electrical grounding and bonding. It examines the critical concepts of calculating conductor sizes, reading and interpreting NEC® tables, the use of grounded conductor connections in DC and AC systems, as well as various installations and sizing. Material is reader-friendly and is accompanied by straightforward, easy-to-understand explanations of key concepts that foster understanding. A functional use of color and dynamic illustrations augments the book and further supports this thorough student- and professional-level approach to electrical grounding.

Stallcup's Electrical Design Book, 2005

Continuing Education Tools
Klein Journeyman Side-Cutting Pliers, Heavy Duty
Journeyman Side-Cutting Pliers - Heavy-Duty Cutting - Soft, light-blue handle material on outer surface for comfort and a firm grip. Hard, black material on inner surface and handle ends for toughness and durability. Cuts ACSR, screws, nails and most hardened wire.

Klein D295-4C Midget Jaw Diagonal Cutting Pliers
Midget tapered-nose diagonal cutters with midget jaw is Klein's smallest diagonal cutter, designed for full-flush cutting in very close quarters with maximum visibility. Fully-polished head and neck with coil spring. Plastic dipped handles. Overall length 4-3/16in.

Klein Tools Side-Cutting Pliers - Hi-Leverage NE - Crimping Die - 9" Model D213-9NE-CR
9" High-Leverage Side-Cutting Pliers - Connector Crimping feature a crimping die behind hinge for superior leverage crimping non-insulated connectors, lugs and terminals. They have a high-leverage design where the rivet is closer to the cutting edge.

Klein Tools Journeyman Pump Pliers, 10" Model J502-10
Journeyman Pump Pliers features a secure tongue and groove design for non-slip grip - even with heavy pressure with a wide range of versatile jaw positions. They also feature a tension-loaded joint to reduce handle wobble for sure gripping.

Klein Tools Insulated Long-Nose Pliers - HD Side Cutters
8" Insulated Heavy-Duty Long-Nose Pliers - Side-Cutting are individually tested to exceed standards. They are induction hardened cutting knives for long life with a heavier design for easier, more comfortable cutting.

Klein Tools Diagonal-Cutting Pliers, Midget Pointed-Nose, 4" Model D209-4C
4" Electronics Midget Diagonal-Cutting Pliers have a sharp pointed-nose for precise tip cutting and trimming printed circuit boards and are spring-loaded for self-opening action.

Klein 7-Piece Cushion-Grip Screwdriver Set
Cushion-Grip handles for greater torque and comfort, patented Tip-Ident® quickly identifies the type of screwdriver and tip orientation.

Klein Tools Screwdriver Set, 2-Pc. Cushion-Grip Stubby
2-Piece Stubby Screwdriver Set features double wings inside the handle which provide solid, twist-resistant blade anchor. This set iIncludes one keystone-tip screwdriver and one Phillips-tip screwdriver.

Klein Tools 10-in-1 Screwdriver/Nut Driver with Cushion-Grip Handle
End of handle is marked to quickly identify tool. Features 5/16" & 1/4" nut drivers, #1 and #2 Phillips, 1/4" & 3/16" slotted, #10 & #15 TORX®, and #1 and #2 square-recess. Cushion-Grip handle allows for greater torque and comfort. Patented Tip-Ident® quickly identifies the type of screwdriver and screwdriver tip orientation. Premium chrome plated for smooth feel and corrosion resistance. Internal flanges inside handle provide solid, twist-resistant blade anchor. Special heat-treated shafts. Precision-machined tip for exact fit. Meets or exceeds applicable ASME / ANSI specifications.

Klein Tools Insulated Screwdriver, Cushion-Grip, HD Round-Shank Keystone Model 602-4-INS
4" Insulated Keystone-Tip Heavy-Duty Round-Shank Screwdrivers are individually tested to exceed standards. The tips are precision ground to fit screw openings securely and resist slippage and has cushion-grip handles for greater torque and comfort.

Klein Tools Insulated Screwdriver, Cushion-Grip, Round-Shank Phillips, #2 Insulated No. 2 Phillips-Tip - Round-Shank Screwdrivers are individually tested to exceed standards. They have cushion-grip handles for greater torque and comfort and the tips are Profilated to provide a more consistent geometric symmetry.